Thursday, October 27, 2011

vegan MoFo day twenty seven: all i've got is this bowl of quinoa and beans

vegan MoFo day 27: burned out quinoa and beans.

i know we're all busy bees and kick'n booty with the MoFo posts, but i've gotta admit, i'm burned out today. but 'cha know, there's only 4 more days and i'm thinking i'm gonna make 31 posts again this year.huzzah! so today i'm taking a break 'cause my brain hurts. here's what i've got going on - easy peasy quinoa and beans bowl. i'll have something more exciting looking tomorrow. promise thomas. ;)

here's how the quinoa bean bowls go (don't let the simplicity of this dish fool ya, it's crazy tasty just like it is - although i will admit if you drizzle on a little lemony-tahini sauce it'll take you places you've never been to before. fo 'sho.):

- bring 1 cup of water + 1 cup of well-rinsed quinoa to a boil in a small pot. once boiling - cover with a lid, reduce the heat to low & cook for 20 minutes.
- saute 1/2 a minced, yellow onion on medium heat.
- add in 2 cups of beans (user's choice - i chose black & white beans this go around) once the onion has softened.
- while your beans are cooking mince 2 big fat cloves of garlic.
- make a well in the middle of the beans 'n onions - add minced garlic and a glub of olive oil.
- stir it all up once garlic is fragrant.
- season bean mix with sea salt & black pepper. turn off the heat and let the beans, onions and garlic hang out for a bit.
- chop kale & massage with olive oil & a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
- at this point your quinoa should be ready to go - remove from heat when finished, flush with fork and add everything together (raw, massaged kale + beans & onions + quinoa) in a large bowl.
- another glub of olive oil, another shake of sea salt 'n pepper.

what are some of your favorite easy peasy/i'm too tired/feeling kinda "meh"/don't have time meals to make?


*jen said...

I make something quite similar to this and it's not only easy, but tasty. The best of all worlds! :)

omgoshimvegan said...

I love quinoa especially the red. This is great looks nice and easy to make and tasty. A winning combo if you ask me.

Allysia said...

Yay bowls! I especially love me a good lemon tahini sauce. I hear ya on feeling a little burnt out, today's one of those days for me too - there's so much going on! And to answer your question, well, I don't know yet - today my kitchen is kind of this big question mark!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I'm feeling the strain today too Jessy, nearly there chuck and you've been totally rocking the MoFo.
That bowl of quinoa looks delicious. I really like Vegan Yum Yums 9 minute pasta recipe, it really is ready from start to finish in 9 mins and it tastes like you've been slaving over it for hours.

Dawn said...

Joining the burnout club! You've been doing great and Monday is close at hand :)

One of my favorite easies actually happens to be my post for today - navy bean scramble. said...

Hooray for simple meals! I'll admit, a lot of my meals are from last month, I just save up a lot of posts :) Quinoa and black beans are amazing all the time though and definitely beat my pasta + nooch & olive oil & peas burned out meals :)

Kittee Bee Berns said...

Looks awesome to me! I am a huge fan of bowls, I'd eat like this most days if I could.

kittee said...

I love bowls especially with quinoa, yumtastic!

foodfeud said...

I hear you! MoFo has been exciting but woof.
My easy, lazy meals are usually a bunch of sliced veg with hummus. Less of a meal than a snack plate...

forkandbeans said...

Huzzah! *snickering* I love that. So much, really. And I love how we all are starting to slow down--you can feel it--everyone is trying so hard, bless all of our wee little hearts :) I'm cheering you on for a "31 days of posting" MoFo...Almost there! Almost the....(just fell asleep)

forkandbeans said...

P.S. my word verification code to post a comment was "finger" hehehehe. That made me laugh.

chow vegan said...

I'm feeling a little burned out myself and I'm not even doing MoFo. There's just too many posts to read. You're doing great btw, almost the end! Super yummy looking bowl too! :-)

Mandee said...

I am all MoFo'd out as well, hooray for simple posts and simple meals! This looks like a yummy & healthy meal.