Friday, November 19, 2010

vegan mofo day nineteen: a triple dose of gluten-free pierogies

there are about a bahbillion exclamation points in this post. ;)

if i had to pick my favorite meal it would be pierogies. hands down. my grandmother taught me how to make pierogies - and i've never known her to be one to share family recipes much. when dan & i became vegan we were most happyfaced that her recipe for pierogi dough was so easily veganizable, and while my grandmother stuffs her pierogies with farmer's cheese, we decided that smashed potatoes and caramelized onions would be the new filling for these tasty stuffed doughy yumminesses - and one that satisfied both my irish and polishness. when i first became gluten-free i didn't think about my beloved pierogies for a while - it was summertime and all things were tomatoes and watermelon and flip-flops, but then the fall came and my pierogi craving hit. i started researching gluten-free recipes online, but much to my dismay the recipes seemed fairly extensive, labor intensive, and i didn't think myself experienced enough as i was a gluten-free n00b. i was one supersadfaced girl and tucked my thoughts of gluten-free pierogies far, far away.

fast forward a year.....last week my pierogi craving returned with a force so strong i needed to satisfy it. i still found myself discouraged in my gluten-free pierogi research, but along came two gluten-free vegan friends with lots of encouragement, cheers, & helpful tips to get my confidence soaring. i'm pretty sure you all are well acquainted with kittee of Cake Maker to the Stars & Allyson of Manifest Vegan, but i'm gonna take a moment here to gush about them! :) they're both amazing xgfx ladies - kicking gluten's booty, making all kinds of awesomenesses without it, and creating the yummiest xgfx creations i've seen. cinnamon donut cake, pumpkin bagels, double chocolate chip cookies and candy coated stuffed cupcakes are just a few examples of how glorious their eatz are. quadruplew00t!!! and so, with my new found gluten-free self-confidence (thank you, kittee & Allyson!) i sucked it up & bucked up, put those fears of failure aside, and into the kitchen i went with my head held high. i started the dough, it was going well and i was happyfaced, but still hesitant....rolling the dough out worked like a dream.....the pierogies stayed sealed as they boiled...they fried up beautifully in the pan.....everything was going along soooooo smoothly - and before i knew it i was sitting down with my plate o' pierogies....i took a bite. i could have cried - happy tears, my friends! gluten-free pierogi success!!!!! i squeeeeeeeeed out loud and didn't stop smiling for hours!!! i have pierogies back!!!! it might seem kinda silly to be so attached to a certain food, but pierogies mean so much to me and all the ties i have to them are near and dear to my heart. don't be scared or intimidated like i was - get your booties into the kitchen and make gluten-free pierogi happiness! BUT before you do get on over to kittee's & Allyson's sites because we're hitting you from all sides with a triple dose gluten-free pierogi MoFo post! they've posted their xgfx pieogies for everyone to enjoy!!! wahooooooooooooooooooooo!

gluten-free pierogies (this recipe makes for 4 big pierogies to fill your belly)

1/4 cup tapioca starch
2 tbsp sweet rice flour + a few pinches for dusting your countertop
2 tbsp potato flour (not potato starch)
2 tbsp brown rice flour
2 tsp ground flax seeds + 3 tsp warm water
just a pinch of sea salt
1/3 cup water
1 tbsp margarine (i used earth balance)
about 1/2 a cup of smashed potatoes (you can fill your pierogies with whatever you love the most - i did smashed potatoes because we had tons of potatoes hang'n around)

what you'll need:
- small bowl
- large mixing bowl
- large pot + water
- large skillet
- damp kitchen towel
- whisk
- rolling pin
- large strainer

what'cha gotta do:
combine the warm water and ground flax seed in the small bowl until they become "eggy" and set aside. whisk the flours & sea salt together in the large bowl. pour in the water & flax "egg" with the flours & combine until a dough forms. if you find the dough too dry, add a tbsp of water at a time until you get a nice ball 'o dough (hee. i said ball.) that's not too sticky, but not dry either - you want the dough to be kinda tacky, but manageable. once the dough forms keep mixing it for about 30 seconds longer (it won't really mix up much more, it'll just kinda move around the bowl). dust a clean countertop with a little sweet rice flour, turn the dough out onto the counter, and knead it for about a minute (you may need to flour or oil your hands a bit to keep it from sticking). once kneaded, cover the dough with a damp kitchen towel and let it rest for about 20 minutes. you can make smashed potatoes now if you wanna, or create another equally filling of your choice.

after the dough has rested dust your countertop with more sweet rice flour. divide the dough into 4 even pieces. roll each piece of dough in a ball. you're going to want to sprinkle a little more sweet rice flour on top of the dough while rolling it out - and after each roll pick the dough up and flip it over so it's less likely to stick to your countertop (i used a few pinches of flour for each dough ball.). roll out each ball of dough to the size of a cd/dvd. place a spoonful of filling in the center on one half of each dough circle. wet your fingers with a water and run them around the edge of the dough on the same side the filling sits. fold the other half of the dough over the filling and press down firmly enough to seal the pocket, but not too hard 'cause ya don't wanna smear/squish the dough.

bring the water in your large pot to a boil and once boiling ever-so carefully slide the pierogies into the boiling water - having a spoon ready should you need to give them a gentle little nudge if they try and stick to the bottom of the pot. reduce the boil just a smidge (so it's not quite as rapid as before) and cook the pierogies until they surface - then cook them for just 1 minute more. carefully remove the pierogies from the water & place them in a large strainer to let a little more water drain off. place 1 tbsp margarine in the large skillet and heat to medium-high. once heated, gently add in the pierogies to the skillet. immediately reduce the heat to medium and cook until golden brown on both sides. serve with a little sour cream (i ate mine with a little toffuti), if you like, and you're g-t-g (good to go). enjoy!


Allyson said...

these look spectacular! Ahhh, yum! You're such a sweetie too- big big hearts!

Your pierogies look perfect! Nice job, girl!

Sarah S. said...

Jessy!!! So happy for you and your gluten-free pierogies sucess!!! They look most awesome!!! Here are a few more exclamation points for good measure !!! !!! !!! :)

kittee said...

dude whatchout!!! there are pierogies coming for your head!

those or beautifu. i like that they made four. i have leftover filling, so i am gonna try your dough!


Mihl said...

What a timing you ladies! All your posts right after each other in my reader. Pierogi conspiration. Now I seriously want some pierogies!

vegannifer said...

Hooray! Congratulations on your pierogi success! Caramelized onion and potato sounds SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

Have a great weekend, Jessy!

taleoftwovegans said...

Ok, these look so so totally delicious. I love that you've used flax to help hold the dough together - I'd never think of using anything besides various gums! Thanks for the recipe - between the three of you super gf bloggers, I obviously need to get my perogi-making butt in gear! :) -Eve

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

Wow! I am so impressed... that is amazing!

Seriously, I can't believe you did it!

Jessica said...

Those look good - what a great way to enjoy what you can eat and stop missing grandma's cooking! Taters are my favorite piergoi stuffing, but I have never made my own.

tahinitoo said...

Kittee and your pierogies make the world go round!!! Hooray for grandmas (and their recipes), good food, and friends!

bitt said...

I've never had a pirogie ever and now's my chance to have GF vegan one! Thank you!

panda with cookie said...

back to back double XGFX pierogi posts here and at kittee's.

shellyfish said...

Pierogies are my very favourite, too! I'm making some for Thanksgiving - I usually make carmalized onion & potato or cabbage, but I'm going to make pumpkin, too, this year. I'm so, so happy you could gf these Jessy, because living without pierogies isn't living at all!

Mandee said...

Yay for gluten free pierogies! I have to try these :D

Erin said...

I totally understand being attached to a family recipe, and I'm so glad you had success! Now I have to admit that I've never had a pierogi, and I guess that I should fix that sooner than later.