Friday, October 24, 2008

VeganMofo: dan's tempeh tater cakes

dan really enjoyed make'n sushi for us last thursday - so much that thursdays are going to be his nights. he will plan the menu and execute the awesomeness. superexcitedface!

last night dan created the most glorious potato cakes. hands down. just. freak'n. awesome. (so awesome i gobbled up the last one this morning for breakfast!) his idea behind these potato cakes were sparked by his theory that people need more potatoes in their lives, and his immense love for scallions (and the belief that tempeh can be just as yummy as he remembers bacon to be.).

here's dan's creation of yum - tempeh tater cakes! they're easy to make and most scrumptrulescent, fo 'sho!

1/2 block tempeh, sliced into long, thin strips
1/2 large yellow onion, finely diced
1/2 green pepper, finely diced
4 small russet potatoes, diced
2 scallions, finely chopped (both white & green parts! mmmmmmm)
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp margarine
1/3 cup (+ more if needed) rice milk (or your favorite vegan milk, unflavored)
1 tbsp liquid braggs
1/8 tsp liquid smoke
1/2 tsp stone ground mustard
1/2 tsp miso (or a pinch of sea salt)
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tbsp water
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
olive oil cooking spray
(don't let the long list of yummies intimidate you - this meal takes about 30-40 minutes to make. start to finish! yay!)

what you'll need:
- aluminum foil
- large skillet
- large pot
- small mixing bowl
- something to steam tempeh (we use a sauce pan + lid + colander to do this)
- small sauce pan
- potato smasher

what'cha gotta do:
first thing's first, get your garlic cloves roasted & ready to go. place garlic cloves and olive oil in a small square of aluminum foil. seal up foil & roast cloves on 350 for 15 minutes. remove from heat & set aside.

steam tempeh slices for 10 minutes while your garlic is roasting. go ahead and make the sauce for your tempeh: combine liquid braggs, miso, liquid smoke, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, stone ground mustard & water in a small bowl.

fill the large pot with water and add in diced potatoes. bring water to a boil and cook potatoes until tender. remove from heat & drain. return potatoes to the large pot with margarine, a pinch or two of sea salt, and the rice milk. remove the 2 cloves of garlic you roasted from the olive oil (but reserve the oil!) and mince them. add the minced roasted garlic to the potatoes and smash everything together to form some super smoooooooth mashed potatoes. set aside.

while your potatoes are cooking - saute the diced onion & green pepper in the small skillet (that's been sprayed with cooking oil) over medium heat. saute until the onions just begin to brown remove pan from heat and set aside.

heat the 1 tbsp of the garlic infused olive oil (the oil you used to roast the garlic) in the large skillet on medium-high. add in tempeh strips. cook until just beginning to brown on both sides, add in the sauce from the small bowl, saute for another 3-5 minutes until they're browned up nicely, and remove from heat (you want to get them as crispy as you can).

chop tempeh strips into small pieces & add tempeh, diced scallions, and the sauteed peppers & onions to the mashed potatoes. combine well. form potato patties with your hands. heat the other garlic infused tbsp olive oil (that you used to roast the garlic with) in the large skillet on medium-high heat. cook potato patties for 2-3 minutes on each side until browned, remove from heat, and devour. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

we served our tempeh tater cakes with some roasted broccoli! super yum!

p.s. - this recipe makes for 6 good sized potato cakes of deliciousness.


River said...

Dan is right, people DO need more potatoes in their lives! You just can't have too much potato! They look super scrumptrulescent!! Go Dan!!

Virginia said...

those look so good! like real "man food", not that i really know the definition of that, but yeah, you know what im sayin! tonight is sushi night for us, i can't wait!

allularpunk said...

you had me at scrumptrulescent. isn't it wonderful when the boys cook? and when they do it WELL? it's nice to have a night off every now and then, especially if you get to eat something totally rad like these potato cakes! michael would love these... he thinks people should eat more potatoes too. maybe i can get him to make them, haha...

veganaddict said...

I need these tatie cakes. Don't you just love a vegan boy (ermmm... I guess man is more appropriate...) who can cook too?! Yeah, that's the best ever.

vegannifer said...

I'm with Dan - people do need more potatoes in our lives.

Congrats on your night off from cooking. That would be awesome!

Marni said...

"...his idea behind these potato cakes were sparked by his theory that people need more potatoes in their lives..."

You hold on to him. That's a good man you've got there. Hold on tight. :::sigh:::

Destiny's Vegan Kitchen said...

Patties of love!

Sal said...

I'm with Dan as well - the more potatoes the better! When I was an omni I never could understand how anyone could do atkins and survive without carbs!!

Those look seriously good - they make me wish (again) that tempeh was available round here! I might have to resort to making my own!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Way to go Dan! I need to convince my husband to plan a meal and cook once a week! Those tater cakes look awesome.

Chelsea said...

Go Dan! That looks so scrumptious! Did you guys know it's the International Year of the Potato? Here's a linky:

aTxVegn said...

Dan did a fantastic job! You are super smart to give him his own cooking night. And if I haven't mentioned it before, your instructions are always so clear and just excellent.

Bianca said...

Oh thanks Dan! I LOVE tater cakes, but I've never put tempeh in 'em. That sounds so good!

And congrats on your "night off" in the kitchen!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

I also agree that we all need more potatoes in our lives! but I'm so sad... 2 days ago I found out that the only Asian store I know that sells tempeh has closed! so no tempeh these days for me...

shellyfish said...

These sound so good! I have some tempeh in the fridge, so I think I'll be making these soon! I love that Dan is the Thursday man!

Bex said...

potatoes are one of my favorite things, dan is awesome

wingraclaire said...

That looks delicious! I am definitely going to try it!

Mandee said...

Mmm they look v.v.v.good! I've been having boiled tatoes in my salads lately so this will be a chance to change things up!

Gina said...

This sounds so so so freaking good. I can't wait to try it!

Tanya said...

Those look sent over here by VeganCrunk. I'll definitely have to try those. Thanks!