Wednesday, June 25, 2008

superorganizedface! (a recipe index)

* = denotes gluten-free eatz

breakfast yumminess
*agave sweetened carrot zucchini walnut muffins
blackberry muffins
*breakfast quinoa
tempeh bacon
tempeh hash
tofu scramble

buns (hotdog, hamburger, sub, etc.)
buttermilk biscuits (gluten-free!)
dave's killer bread
garlic 'n chive potato bread
garlic naan
*gluten-free agave sweetened hawaiian bread
*gluten-free potato bread
herbed whole wheat bread
indian chapatis
pita bread
plain parathas (triangles)
onion parathas
whole wheat pizza dough
whole wheat tortillas

*good morning greeeeeeeen drink
*coconut-date-cashew smoothie

*baba ghaoush
*dates ‘n nuts
*eggplant pate
*pickled cucs 'n onions

raw foodz
*hummus of yumminess
*mexican "rice"

dressings & sauces
cashew-maple-ginger sauce
*cheezy sauce (gluten-free version)
*easy marinara
garlic "butter" sauce
ginger dressing
*green chutney
*hot pepper pasta sauce
*romesco sauce
*sweet & spicy wasabi sauce
*verde sauce

salads & soups
*adzuki potato soup
*african yam-peanut soup
*arugula pesto
*autumn salad
butter bean potato leek soup
*butter bean potato-kale soup
*creamy butternut red lentil soup
*carrot-yam soup with sweet cashew cream
creamy corn chowder
garlic sun-dried orzo salad with white beans
*mock tuna salad
*not-chicken salad
*potato-leek soup
potato 'n butter bean soup
orzo salad with sweet corn & scallions
*roasted everything soup
roasted garlic potato soup
roasted veggie pasta salad
smoky black bean soup
spicy lentil soup
*spicy mexi-meatlessball soup
*split pea soup
summer time orzo salad
white bean chili

asian influenced
basil mock duck
*broccoli with spicy peanut sauce
brown rice veggie balls
coconut-curry sauce
coconut-peanut udon delight
curry peanut tofu
ginger tofu
ginger-garlic udon noodles
kung pao tofu
peanut noodles
sweet 'n spicy adzuki buddha bowls
sweet & sour tofu
tofu 'n broccoli with spicy peanut sauce
*tofu 'n cabbage with wasabi awesomeness
*wasabi glazed tempeh with garlicky boy choy

grain based goodness
*breakfast quinoa
bulghur with spinach, tomatoes, sweet corn, & onions
bulghur with white bean gravy
garlicky butter bean broccoli bowls
garlicky greens, kale & bulghur with a tangy tahini dressing
garlicky-roasted tomato-kale-barley bowls
*green rice
*spicy mexi-millet
stuffed tomatoes
*quinoa "tabouli" (gluten-free!)

indian yummies
*aloo matar
*baingan bhurta with chapatis
*bhindi sabji (spicy okra & tomatoes)
*chana aloo with saag
*chana masala with coconut curry
*chickpeas with coconut curry
*chickpea, tomato, and potato curry
*chickpea-red bean rajma (bean curry)
*cilantro-corn fritters
*coconut curry tofu over cilantro-lime basmati
*hara bhara kabab (potato-spinach-pea patties)
*malai kofta
*red lentil curry with garlic flatbread
*red lentil dahl
samosa pockets
*vegetable korma

mexican-ish foods
*agave lime tofu with spicy jalapeno-peach salsa
burritos verdes
cheezy quesadillas
*creamy polenta bowls with spicy black beans & roasted tomatoes
enchiladas verde with white beans & spinach
happy fiesta time rice mix
jalapeno polenta with black beans
kidney bean spinach potato quesadillas
mas tacos
millet, veggie, & bean burritos
nachos ‘n trees sauce
*polenta patties with red beans, black beans, & peppers
rock'n p&p burritos
polenta adzuki local veggie madness
potato & kale enchiladas
quesadillas with refried beans & homemade soyrizo
*spiced lentils with cilantro-lime rice
*spicy black bean burritos
spicy black beans, roasted potatoes, & spanish rice
*spicy mexi-millet
sweet potato, kale, and black bean veggie quesadillas
wild rice & black bean burritos with spicy veggies

middle eastern awesomeness
*chickpeas with sauteed spinach, tomatoes, & onions
*chickpea tagine
falafel, flatbread, cabbage, & hummus! mmmmmmm!
*quinoa tabouli
*roasted garlic hummus
spinach fatayer
*sun-dried tomato hummus

pastas 'n italian type awesomeness
eggplant & spinach lasagna with cashew cream & tofu "ricotta"
*eggplant parmesan
garlic sun-dried orzo with white beans
*herbed tofu cacciatore
homemade pasta & pesto
Lindy Loo's tomato and roasted eggplant fettuccine with chickpeas
pasta with asparagus, pine nuts, & garlic-shallot cream sauce
pasta with white beans & broccoli
pesto asparagus rotini
*pesto butter bean garlic pasta
*gluten-free pierogies
urban vegan's pasta carbonara
vegan yumyum's super quick tomato basil pasta
whole wheat pizza dough

patties, burgers, & meatsie-free loaves & balls (tee hee!) of yumminess
adzuki-potato-chick pea burgers
*brown rice veggie burgerz
bulghur chick pea patties
butter bean burgers
*butter bean burgers (gluten-free version)
*butternut squash maple scallion roundednesses
chickpea patties
*dan's green rice 'n tempeh meatlessballs
falafel burgers
gluten-free meatlessballs (made with tvp)
j-style black bean burgers
*lentil balls
mish-mash black bean burgers
non-meatsieball subs
*plantain-chickpea-quinoa burgers
smoky 'n spicy lentil-potato-quinoa burgers
*spicy black bean millet mushroom potato burgers (whew!)
*spicy sweet potato-black bean burgerz
split pea barley burgers
*tempeh tater cakes
tex-mex burgers
*white bean balls
*white bean potato patties

other deliciousnesses
*Alice's black-eyed peas with kale, millet, and tahini dressing
caramelized tofu with sweet ginger veggies
chili 'n cornbread
chili potatoes 'n cheeze sauce
creamy tempeh casserole
eggplant & zucchini polenta lasagna
eggplant marinara
*eggplant roll-ups
*garlicky white beans & polenta smothered in marinara
glazed tempeh with spiced apples and raisins
*gluten-free oven baked tempeh
italian style oven baked tofu
katie's tempeh wingz
*lentil stuffed collards
*lisa's black bean hummus
lisa's spicy tomatoes, white beans, and spinach on garlic bread
lisa's tempeh spread of tasty fantasticalness
mac n' cheeze
*maple-bourbon glazed tempeh
mom's tunaNOT casserole
*moms gluten-free tunaNOT casserole
non-meatball subs
oven baked tofu
oven baked tofu II
*oven baked tofu (gluten-free)
*peanut sauced tofu
risotto with green beans & pesto
roasted stuffed onions
Shelly's smashing grain casserole
*shepherd's pie
stuffed acorn squash
stuffed peppers
sweet basil-chili-tofu with veggies
*sweet chili glazed tempeh
*sweet tequila lime tofu
tempeh philly “cheese steaks”
tempeh with mushrooms & kale over maple sweet potatoes
tofu ‘n green beans
veganomicon’s caesar salad with roasted garlic croutons
*white bean, tomato, and brown rice stuffed cabbages
zucchini, corn, & chickpeas with caramelized onions

pizza ‘n stuff
whole wheat pizza crust

southern-type yummies
*awesome a la king
bbq tofu 'n collards, chick peas, tomatoes, & spinach
biscuits ‘n chickpea gravy
bourbon baked beans
*bourbon skillet beans
chili stuffed cornbread
fried green tomatoes
fried tofu ‘n biscuits with gravy
pot pie pockets
potato corn fritters
southern baked tempeh 'n gravy
veggie corn cakes
white bean gravy 'n biscuits

*asian coleslaw
*collard greens
*grilled veggies
*pickled beets
*roasted asparagus with garlic & pine nuts
*roasted turnips & carrots
*sauteed summer squash
sesame kale
sichuan green beans

carrot cake sandwich cookies
chocolate chip cookies
cuppy cakes
*gluten-free chocolate cupcakes
*gluten-free coconut chocolate chip cookies
*gluten-free agave sweetened hawaiian bread
*gluten-free chunky peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
*gluten-free carrot cake cupcakes
peanut butter balls

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Bianca said...

I love that ya did this because I was planning on digging through your blog sometime next week to find that calzone post...I remembered them sounding great! And I've more Teese on the way and some left in the fridge. Now all I gotta do is click on it here. Thanks for making my life easier!

jessy said...

indeed, Bianca! it's about freak'n time i got myself organized & did this! :D

Marni said...

Wowsers, you're so organized. I wish I were that together with my blog. I have the world's longest "tags" list. LOL

Erin said...

Hooray for organization!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

superorganizedface is right! Thanks for doing this, it'll make your yummy looking recipes so much more accessible!

LK said...

Thanks for the recipe index...all of your recipes look great, and I've bookmarked a few of them to remind myself I need to try them. What is your absolute favorite out of the list (not counting desserts)?

jessy said...

oh my! i dunno if i can pick just one favorite! ahahaha!

i do know that i love these ones the most:
- wild rice & black bean burritos with spicy veggies
- tempeh with mushrooms & kale over maple sweet potatoes
- sauteed chick peas with spinach, onions, & tomatoes

and of the recipes that i love that are other's:
- monica's pancakes
- katie's tempeh wingz
- jennifer's j-style black bean burgers

my favorite sides:
- sesame kale
- roasted asparagus

Vegan_Noodle said...

That's awesome!! Thanks for posting this index :-)

aTxVegn said...

Thanks so much!